Elecbrakes - Plug and Play Adaptor Kit (7 Male/Female Flat Plug Combo)

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Elecbrakes - Plug and Play Adaptor Kit (7 Male/Female Flat Plug Combo) 

Plug straight in and go!
Australia's first trailer mounted electric brake controller with bluetooth in car control. 
Designed and Manufactured in Australia, the Elecbrakes wireless brake controller allows multiple vehicles to tow the one trailer without the need for a vehicle mounted electric brake controller. With the included plug and play adaptor, if you replace the trailer you can simply remove the unit and mount it to a new trailer!
The system works by being wired into the trailers existing wiring system to control the brakes and a bluetooth app that connects to any smart phone, to allow for adjustment from the drivers seat. 
Designed and constructed to be fully ADR compliant, and with your phone in a proper cradle, can be legally used in all states of Australia. 
The system offers a high level of adjustment with a fine tune of 0-100 settings and the ability to program 5 different presets for different towing situations. 
All standard features of the phone can still be used, including bluetooth call and music
The unit is also fitted with several safety features including automatic return to last setting if bluetooth connection is lost or if the phone goes flat, so never any loss of brakes. 
Connection protection to stop another device interrupting connection with controlling phone
Emergency override button for the trailer brakes
Is Elecbrakes ADR compliant
Yes, Elecbrakes allows a trailer to comply with ADR38/03 and VSB1 for trailers up to 4500Kg ATM.

Elecbrakes provides a proportional control signal from the tow vehicle to the trailers brakes. And it allows the driver to operate the trailer brakes from the normal driving position.

When fitted to trailers greater the 2000Kg GTM the brake system must also be fitted with a compliant emergency brake controller.

To be compliant the App must be connect to the device, the phone must cradled in a commercially available mounting and be connected to power.

Links to Technical Documents
I thought I couldn't use a phone while driving
Elecbrakes forms part of a vehicle system and is therefore a driver?s aid. Each state has different rules regarding the use of visual displays, mobile phones and Driver's Aids.

Examples of driver's aids are set out in the Australian Road Rules, Rule 299;

1. Closed-circuit television security cameras.
2. Dispatch systems.
3. Navigational or intelligent highway and vehicle system equipment.
4. Rearview screens.
5. Ticket-issuing machines.
6. Vehicle monitoring devices.

GPS navigation is a driver?s aid in the same group as vehicle system equipment. GPS systems provide a guide for the correct legal use of Elecbrakes.

All states and territories DO require the phone to be securely cradled. Check your State or Territory Road Rules below for more details.


QLD road rules 2009 - Refer to page 296, Rule 299. (2). Visual Displays

Exceptions are provided for Driving Aids such as mobile phones equipped with GPS, vehicle systems equipment etc.


NSW know the rules - Refer to section, Fully licensed drivers and motorcyclists, and all bicycle riders

Fully licensed drivers CAN use your mobile phone as a driver's aid, Only if the phone is in a cradle fixed to the vehicle and doesn?t obscure your view of the road.


ACT road rules - Refer to section, What can you do with a mobile phone.

Examples are provided for using a phone as a driver's Aid. Such as navigational and intelligent highway functions. Drivers are legally allowed to touch the phone when it is securely mounted.


VIC Mobile phones, technology & driving - Refer to section, Fully licensed car drivers.

Fully licensed car drivers may use a phone as a navigational device as long as the phone is secured in a commercially designed holder affixed to the vehicle.


SA Mobile phones while driving - Refer to section, Mobile phones while driving

An exception is provided for a driver?s Aid such as vehicle system equipment. However, SA specifically separate GPS from other driver?s Aids and state you must be parked to enter a GPS location.


WA road rules booklet - Refer to section, Mobile Phones (page 6)

GPS may be used by a driver whilst driving if NO touch of the keypad or screen is required.


NT road saftey - Refer to Page 20, Mobile Phones and Television receivers and visual display units.

Mobile phones need to be securely mounted otherwise they cannot be used.
Television receivers and visual displays are only permitted if they are Drivers Aid.


Tasmanian road rules - Refer to page 43. Mobile phone

A mobile phone?s GPS function may only be used if, the phone is securely mounted in a commercially manufactured mounting, fixed in location that does not obscure your view and the use of the GPS does not distract you from driving.


NZ road code - Refer to section, Cell phones

Cell phones may be used ONLY if they are secured in a mounting fixed to the vehicle and the phone is infrequently and briefly manipulated.
What happens if Bluetooth drops out?
Don't Panic, Elecbrakes has been designed with safe redundancy systems and will contiune to operate effectively using the last defined user settings and program.

The loss of communication should be investigated as it may indicate the trailer plug has been dislodged.
What if the phone goes flat?
To be compliant the Phone should be plugged in and charging while in use.

However if the phone does go flat, the brake system will continue to operate using the last defined user settings and program.

The Phone should be charged and the App should be reconnected as soon as possible.