ElecBrakes Wireless Trailer Mounted Electric Brake Controller ADR Compliant

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Introducing Australia’s first bluetooth wireless electric trailer brake controller.

Set to revolutionise how you tow

At Adventure Shack we have been using these wireless brake controllers on all of our hire camper trailers and caravans to make it easier for anyone with a vehicle to tow one of our trailers. Now we are pleased to be able to offer these for sale to the public!

If you are intersted please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to arrange to show you through the features of these units on one of our trailers.

We can also arrage fitting of the units if required

Ph 0738233520

Adventure Shack

Unit 1, 34 Neumann Rd Capalaba

Is Elecbrake ADR compliant?

Yes, Elecbrakes allows a trailer to comply with ADR38/03 and VSB1 for trailers up to 4500Kg ATM.

Elecbrakes provides a proportional control signal from the tow vehicle to the trailers brakes. And it allows the driver to operate the trailer brakes from the normal driving position.

When fitted to trailers greater the 2000Kg GTM the brake system must also be fitted with a compliant emergency brake controller.

To be compliant the App must be connect to the device, the phone must cradled in a commercially available mounting and be connected to power.

I thought I couldn't use a phone while driving?

The Elecbrakes App is a driving Aid and may be used as such under rule 300

as outlined by Road Rules 2008 Repealed version for 1 October 2014 to 30 November 2014.

To conform the smart Phone MUST to be securely mounted in a cradle in such a manner as not to impede the driver's vision.

What happens if Bluetooth drops out?

Don't Panic, Elecbrakes has been designed with safe redundancy systems and will contiune to operate effectively using the last defined user settings and program.

The loss of communication should be investigated as it may indicate the trailer plug has been dislodged.

What if the phone goes flat?

To be compliant the Phone should be plugged in and charging while in use.

However if the phone does go flat, the brake system will continue to operate using the last defined user settings and program.

The Phone should be charged and the App should be reconnected as soon as possible.